A house in Tulum —
a Quebec initiative

We allow you to realize your dream of having a house in Tulum by eliminating the constraints of building abroad.


It’s very simple and less
expensive than a chalet

No intermediaries, no glossy brochures, no showcase bungalows or model apartments. Our team, you, a notarized contract. That’s all and above all it’s less cost for you!

We have assembled a complete team who will be able to assist you throughout the process.

“We accompany you in the choice of your land, the complete administrative & legal process, the construction of your house and its delivery.”

Discover our offers

We offer you 3 construction possibilities: a customizable house, a turnkey house or a completely tailor-made house.

Personalized in 8 months*

From $375,000USD

3 possible plans, 3 finishes

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You choose your land, your plan (3,4 or 5 bedrooms), your level of finish (contemporary, privilege or luxury) and your colors.

It’s the guarantee that your home will look like no other.

* After purchase of the land

100% tailor-made

From $800,000USD
No constraint except that of your budget or your imagination (combined with those of our architects, we are sure to deliver a project of your liking).

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Ground floor, two floors (limited to 12 meters by the municipality), with infinite pool, jacuzzis, professional kitchen, from 1,500 to 10,000 square feet, 12-foot ceilings (the local standard is 10 anyway…) we can do anything, really. Tell us what you really want, we will provide you with an accurate quotation and we will realize your dream in less than a year.

The team behind the project

We assembled a management team in Montreal and paired it with construction expertise in Tulum. The whole team speaks fluent French and English. You can be assured of accessible and understandable support.

Fabrice Voltzenlogel

Real estate broker, based in Montreal

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Fabrice has been travelling the world for over 30 years and fell in love with Tulum. He has over 20 years of experience as a real estate broker. With him, everything is square and contractualized.
Cédric Combey

Your coordinator, based in Montreal

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Cédric discovered Tulum in 2006. Since then he has been there as often as possible and knows both the market and the people who make Tulum. He will follow your site and will accompany you throughout your project.
Patricio Marquez

General Contractor, based in Tulum, MX

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Patricio is a Civil Engineer who graduated in Mexico and France. He has been building houses in Tulum for almost 20 years. With his qualified team of over 80 craftsmen and companions, he will build your house according to the rules of art.
Caty & Rodriguo

Licensed Architects, based in Tulum, MX

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Caty and Rodrigo have been working together for Patricio for 5 years. They have to their credit hotels of 20 rooms, private houses of 1,800 to 9,000 squarefeet and luxury condos. Originally from Mexico, they are committed to using local materials as much as possible to highlight each of your desires.

Easy as 8 steps

The main constraint of building abroad has always been administrative complexity. Our team has completely eliminated it.

Step 1

First in-person meeting to answer your questions. No taboos. Simple and clear answers only.

Step 2

You wish to go forward? We sign a search warrant for your future land.

Step 3

The land is found and we accompany you for the notarized purchase process from Quebec.

Step 4

In the meanwhile, we personalize the plans of your house with you.

Step 5

Construction is starting and will be delivered in 8 months.

Step 6

You follow the construction with our coodinator at 5 key stages via video with Tulum directly from your living room : Foundations, first floor structural work, second floor structural work, finish #1, finish #2.

Step 7

We accompany you on site for the delivery of the keys.

Step 8

For one year, your work is guaranteed against any defect.

Why Tulum?

All in all, Tulum aims to be an accessible, welcoming and lucrative paradise.

For you

Tulum is 6H from Montreal, door to door, 4H30 in 3 years with the new airport under construction. With a very affordable cost of living, quality infrastructures which are constantly improving and political stability guaranteed by our bilateral agreements, it is an ideal place to spend weekends with friends, family holidays or a sunny retirement.

For Tulum

The average temperatures are pleasant all year round: they range from 28° (January) to 33° (July). The sea temperature is also very pleasant all year round! It varies from 26° to 30°. There are more than 20 cenotes in its territory and 14 km of white sand beach. Tulum is “caught” between its magnificent ruins and the world reserve of Sian Khan. Buildings are limited in height to 12m. No risk of it becoming a Cancun bis.

For investment

We will be happy to detail you more on this point but you can expect a return of around 9% over 10 years if you list your house on well-known holiday rental sites at least 300 days a year. If you don’t like to share, the simple real estate appreciation over time makes it a good investment.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee

Our tailor-made 8 steps process and our team assure you of a result that meets your expectations. Find out what these new owners have to say!

Kathy & Jean-Claude

Un vrai plaisir que de travailler avec Chuunpak Inmobiliaria & A House In Tulum! Patricio Marquez a mis toute sa connaissance des codes de la construction du Mexique et nous a proposé des matériaux locaux et adaptés à Tulum pour notre maison. Casa Tomanoa a été livrée en temps et heure et au budget prévu.

Killy & Jorge Murillo

We are so happy with the outstanding work done by Inmobiliaria Chuunpak! Our house in Tulum is so beautiful, Ing. Marquez has been working in the Tulum area for a long time and he knows very well the construction codes and also recommends materials that are appropriate for the climate in the area, and the finishing touches are just beautiful. All workers and architects are very professional and nice. We highly recommend A House In Tulum!

Emily & Jean

Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre villa Yax’Na sur Tulum par les équipes de Patricio. La construction correspond complètement à ce que nous attendions. Tout s’est bien passé, que ce soit la partie commerciale, architecturale et durant la construction. Seulement du bonheur depuis la remise des clés !

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we get asked most often. If your question is not among the following, do not hesitate to contact us at the coordinates below.

What is your exact commitment?

At “A House In Tulum”, we commit ourselves to get our clients their dream property. We accomplish this by walking them through the 8 steps of the process defined on our website to ensure a smooth transaction. At the end of the day, we commit on a price, a plan and features for your house and a delay of realization. And this is all written in plain English in a contract that you will sign as well as us! We of course welcome questions of all kinds and commit ourselves to keep our customers informed every step of the way.

Can foreigners legally own land and real estate in Mexico?

The short answer is YES! Of course, there are legal steps to follow when buying property in Mexico as a foreigner, but this is part of our role and responsibility to guide you through this, every step on the way. You’ll soon discover that the process is simple and easy to understand. In short, foreigners can own property through a bank trust referred to as a Fideicomiso that is set up when you buy real estate in Mexico.

What is a Fideocomiso (Bank Trust)

Any foreigner (or Mexican National) can use a Mexican Bank Trust – also known as a Fideicomiso – to own real estate in Mexico. A Fideicomiso is basically the equivalent of a beneficiary trust that’s created through a Mexican bank for the sole purpose of allowing foreigners to purchase real estate in Mexico, including property for sale in the Restricted Zones that lie within 100 kilometers of all borders and within 50 kilometers of all coastlines. Here’s more about how a Mexican Bank Trust, or Fideicomiso, functions:

  • To buy property in Mexico as a foreigner, the buyer asks a Mexican bank of his/her choosing to act as trustee on his/her behalf.
  • The bank obtains a permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to acquire the chosen property in a Trust.
  • The standard Trust term is 50 years, but it can easily be automatically renewed for another 50-year period, and ownership can also be transferred at any time.
  • During the Trust term, you have the right to transfer the title of your property to any other party, including a member of your family!
  • The Mexican Bank Trust acts as the legal owner of the property, which is held for the exclusive use of the buyer/beneficiary, who enjoys all the benefits a typical direct owner has, including the possibility to lease or transfer his/her property rights to a third party, or to a pre-appointed heir.
  • The Mexican Bank Trust ensures precise fulfillment of the trust terms according to Mexican law, and assumes full technical, legal and administrative supervision duties in order to protect the interests of the buyer.
  • Fideicomisos are not held by the Mexican Bank Trust (trustee) as an asset of the bank.
  • Today, many Mexican Nationals are also choosing to purchase real estate in Mexico using a Bank trust, simply because it clearly states who they wish to become their beneficiaries in the event of death. In this way, the Mexican Bank Trust also serves as a last will and testament for the purchased property!

Can the Mexican government confiscate my property?

Foreigners often worry about their land being expropriated by the Mexican government, so it’s also important to stress that under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that binds Mexico, the US and Canada, the Mexican government may NOT (directly or indirectly) expropriate property, except for special circumstances that involve a clear public purpose. Although exceedingly rare, this is basically the same as “Expropriation” in Canada. If it ever does become necessary to expropriate a land in Mexico, the law demands that swift and fair market compensation must be paid, together with accrued interest.

How do I finance my House in Tulum?

In Mexico, the financing options are very simple: you have to bring the money. Some limited loans exist but are tough to get and very expensive (you are looking at a minimum 10% rate) so we recommend you finance your dream with an Equity and Personal credit lines coming from the country you have interests in. Of course, we will be more than happy to share with you the tips and tricks of our others European, Canadian and American happy customers.

How much time in between the "go" you give us and the delivery?

In 2 to 3 months, we are able to make you sign for the lot, do the paperwork with you (Fideocomiso, Build Permit…). Another 8 months to build the house. Add one month to be sure and you are in! So, in less than 11 months from the lot to the house delivered. You already have the lot? In 8 months, you are in!

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We are available to answer your questions by email at all times and by phone between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day.